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Zao's Round Eyeshadows offer a choice of sensual matt tones to suit all complexions and moods.

These shades are very versatile.  The nude and light colours are perfect as a base or as a main, lighter eyeshadow.

Meanwhile, the medium intensity of shades such as Purplish Grape and Denim, add a bolder wash of colour. Combine these with a lighter shade for a smokey look or mix with Golden Old Pink for a delicate touch of shimmer.



These Round Eyeshadow Refills fit into the original Zao Eyeshadow Compact easily and can also be used in the Zao Bamboo Refillable Makeup Case


Zao Round Eyeshadow Refill shades available:


Brown Beige (Zao-202RR): a nude tone with a slight hint of brown for a perfect light and warm base.


Golden Old Pink (Zao - 204RR): nude tone with pink hue and a slight sparkle for extra shimmer and lift.


Nude (Zao-208RR): a natural tone with a subtle hint of brown for a warmer, deeper base.


Aquamarine (Zao-214RR): nude tone with hues of blue and green for a fresh base.


Purplish Grape (Zao-215RR): a bold purple shade for colour and definition.


Denim (Zao-116RR): a beautiful semi-deep blue shade with a pearly finish.



These refills help you to cut down on waste easily and save you money in the long run.

There's no need to buy a duplicate eyeshadow palette when your original Zao Round Eyeshadow runs out. Simply slot one of these refills into the bamboo case and you're good to go.



Or why not add them to your hand-picked selection of your own make-up favourites, which can be kept in the Zao Bamboo Refillable Make-up Case.


The way the Refillable Make-up Case works...

Created by Zao, the palette case has a magnetic lid for secure closure and features a mirror inside the top lid so you can retouch your make-up where ever you are. However, the best bit about this case is the magnetic base, which enables you to store Zao make-up refills securely, as they have a metallic magnetic base too. It's an eco-friendly solution that saves on packaging while also saving you £s in the long run.

No waste. No plastic. Save ££

Watch the video above to see how this stylish case works



Zao Round Eyeshadow Refills: Various Shades

  • By Zao Essense of Nature

    Each powder: 3g contained in a metal casing and packaged in a cardboard envelope.


    Why we love Zao... All their products are cruelty-free, ha