Hi, I’m Sarah – founder of Dancing Barefoot. You may not have heard of us before, that’s because Dancing Barefoot is a very new (and shiny) online store.

We opened for business in February this year and our aim is to offer a selection of brilliant plastic-free cosmetics.

All the items we sell have been hand-picked and tried and tested by me (tough job, I know!)

I've chosen them because they’re a brilliant alternative to the highly-packaged High Street brands and they don't contain any plastic packaging or ingredients.

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Welcome to

I started Dancing Barefoot because, like many, many people I'm deeply worried about the impact us humans are having on our planet. And I'm passionate about doing something to reverse the damage.

Despite all the bad news I really believe it's not too late and that by changing our habits, one product at a time, we can all make a difference.

Dancing Barefoot offers a way to make these changes easy and affordable.



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For decades now we've known about the effects of global warming and pollution but big business doesn't seem to be taking it seriously enough to act quickly.


We know the dangers; plastic takes hundreds of years to rot down if it's in landfill and emits toxic chemicals into the earth.

In our oceans, plastic rubbish kills marine wildlife who either get tangled up in it or try to eat it.

And plastic that is burnt causes more poisonous fumes to be belched out into the Earth's atmosphere.

Plastic Polluted Ocean

I've tried to do my bit - including recycling whenever I can - but as I've realised the huge extent of the plastic problem that we face, it's dawned on me that simply recycling isn't enough.


We have to reduce the amount of plastic we buy and reuse it when we can.

At least, that was my grand plan when I set out to go plastic-free at home. However, I soon discovered it's way harder than it sounds.

Plastic in the bathroom

I started out optimistically enough in our bathroom but quickly saw that every cosmetic product in there was in a single-use plastic container.

Shampoo and conditioner, face cleansers, creams and moisturisers, body lotions, shower gel, the lot, all in plastic tubs, tubes and bottles. And when I looked at the make-up that myself and my two daughters own, my heart really sank.

All of it was in single use pallets, compact cases, jars and tubes, with no refills that I knew of. It was daunting.



Wanting to do something quickly, I tried to swap the plastic bottle of shower gel for a bar of soap. But even the soap at our local supermarket was wrapped in plastic film!​


I had more success online, but often the cosmetics products I wanted were scattered across many different websites.

What I needed was one single website that offered my favourite plastic-free affordable make-up, skincare and haircare products. And then I'd find it a bit easier to ditch the plastic.

Ocean Rocks

And so                                                    was born.

We’ve sourced products that I believe offer brilliant alternatives to the plastic-packaged High Street brands.

Among them is a great selection of make-up with lots of refill options. There’s also soap (without the plastic film!), a wide choice of skincare, shampoo and conditioners, and there's even deodorant without a plastic roll-on or container in sight.

As well as plastic-free they are all cruelty-free, ethically made and all the products are vegan.

Our range is small and select but hopefully will grow as you recommend products to us. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do - please let me know.

I’ve chosen products that are affordable, so that as many people as possible can start reducing their plastic footprint.

Our Dancing Barefoot pledge to you is that there is no plastic packaging or ingredients anywhere – not even the smallest bit – in any of the products we sell. And there never will be.


Now we can all make a difference and help reduce plastic pollution, one product at a time.


Sarah Howe

Dancing Barefoot Founder

Leave nothing behind but our footprints

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