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This set of Reusable Face Wipes is a great eco alternative to single-use face wipes that contain plastic as they're easy to wash and can be reused again and again.


Made of unbleached cotton, the round muslin wipes are very gently exfoliating and so are good for cleansing. To complete your cleansing routine the set includes a soft muslin face cloth and they all come together in a washable laundry bag.


Use the wipes with cleanser or makeup remover and then, once they're ready to be washed, place them in the netted laundry bag. The drawstring bag can then be placed straight in to the wash! It's suitable for either hand wash or the washing machine.










Reusable Muslin Face Wipes: Pack of 5 & Laundry Bag

SKU: LTP-Wipes
  • Made for Dancing Barefoot by Love the Planet using unbleached cotton.


    Wipes: 6cm x 6cm

    Laundry Bag: H 14.5cm W 12.5cm

    Why use reusable face wipes...

    The disposable wipes industry has boomed in recent years and the favourites for many are facial cleanser wipes and makeup remover wipes. However, these products are made of a blend of plastic materials that do not biodegrade and, even worse, form 'fatburgs' blocking up sewer systems and lining riverbeds.

    You can cut out the use of these highly damaging cosmetic products by using these plastic-free, washable wipes that can be reused time after time.

  • Wipes & cloth:

    100% unbleached cotton


    100% Cotton


    Dimensions (approx):

    Face cloth: 22cm x 26cm

    Face wipes: 10cm at widest point

    Bag: 15cm h x 17.5cm w




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