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An intense and rich cream that deeply moisturises the skin while it's refreshing citrus fragrance gives an uplifting boost to your mood.


Packed with zesty orange and uplifting lime essential oils, the all over hand and body cream is guaranteed to leave you feeling revitalised and your skin soft and refreshed.


Made by Heavenly Organics from 100% organic and vegan ingredients, the Hand and Body Cream blends shea butter and extra virgin olive oil to create a deeply moisturising and soothing lotion. And a little of this luxurious cream goes a long way in rehydrating your skin.


Its natural ingredients are brimming with vitamins A & E, which are abundant in antioxidants and so help heal and hydrate the skin.


The natural ingredients include:

Extra Virgin Olive oil contains at least four different types of antioxidant: vitamins A and E, polyphenols, phytosterols and avenasterol which all help to maintain a healthy body.


Shea Butter is well known for its beneficial properties for the skin. Historically it has been used to ease and soothe skin conditions such as scarring and stretchmarks, itching, sunburn and insect bites, and eczema.

Shea butter is the fat that is extracted from the nut from the shea (Karite) tree, mainly grown in West Africa. Makers of this heavenly Body Butter - Heavenly Organics - only use organic and fair trade shea butter. It contains naturally occurring vitamins A, E & F, which help to maintain optimum skin health and improve elasticity.


Orange essential oil boosts the mood and its natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties make it ideal for acne, dermatitis and uncomfortable skin conditions.


Lime essential oil also has wide ranging benefits for the skin. with its antiseptic and natural antibacterial qualities.



Organic Orange & Lime Hand & Body Cream by Heavenly Organics

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  • By Heavenly Organics

    100g packaged in a glass jar

    Why we love Heavenly Organics: All their products are plastic-free, and made of organic, natural ingredients. They are also vegan and don't contain any palm oil.

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