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The fresh citrus essential oils in this Orange & Grapefruit Shaving Oil adds a refreshing and revitalising boost to your skin while shaving.


It lightly moisturises but is not greasy so perfectly prepares the skin for a smooth shave, without clogging the pores or your razor.


Makers Heavenly Organics blend an organic base of grapeseed oil with

zesty orange and revitalising grapefruit essential oils. Together, they will leave you feeling revitalised and your skin soft and refreshed.


And both these fruity oils are beneficial for the skin too, having natural anti-inflammatory properties that can ease and soothe skin blemishes and irritation.





Orange & Grapefruit Shaving Oil by Heavenly Organics

SKU: HO-ShaveOrange
  • By Heavenly Organics

    50ml packaged in a glass jar


    Why we love Heavenly Organics: All their products are plastic-free, and made of organic, natural ingredients. They are also vegan and don't contain any palm oil.

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