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These handcrafted small Coconut Bowls make a unique tea light or plant pot holder.

They're made from repurposed coconut "waste" produced by the harvesting of coconuts for their flesh and milk. Rather than throw these shells away they have been hand carved and polished to create these individual bowls that look great on a mantlepiece, dressing table and in a bathroom. 


And not only do they look gorgeous, they're a fabulous way to reuse materials.


The Coconut Bowls come in assorted designs. Because they are handmade each one is unique, slightly quirky and sometimes not level on the top edge.




Handcrafted Coconut Bowl: Tea Light/Plant Pot Holder

SKU: CocoBowls
  • Assorted individual designs

    Size (approx): H = 9cm, W = 10cm at widest point

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