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Scrubber's Grapefruit & Mandarin scented deodorant stick blends the sharp and refreshing citrus tang of grapefruit with the sweeter fragrance of mandarin orange. Added subtle undertones of rose and jasmine make this natural deodorant a scent sensation - perfect for keeping armpits smelling sweet.


Packaged in an eye-catching, totally biodegradable cardboard tube, like all Scrubber deodorants, it provides day-long protection against body odour.


Makers Scrubber use only natural ingredients in their wonderful eco-friendly deodorants. These include a combination of soothing oils and butters such as coconut oil and shea butter to moisturise and protect underarm skin.

Rather than harsh chemicals like parabens and pore-clogging aluminium, Scrubber Deodorants contain naturally occurring antibacterial agents to neutralise body odour and moisture-absorbing natural powders help underarms stay dry.

Meanwhile the use of soy wax pellets rather than beeswax, means these deodorants are 100% safe for vegans to enjoy.


And for those with extra-sensitive underarms, why not try Scrubber's Extra Sensitive Deodorant Stick? While it has the same wonderful scent, it has an alternative formulation that does not include bicarb, which can sometimes irritate those with especially sensitive skin.

Just select the "extra sensitive" option from the drop down menu.




Grapefruit & Mandarin Natural Deodorant Stick by Scrubber

  • Made by Scrubber


    Packaged in paper and card tubes


    Why we love Scrubber... From their workshop in London, this ethical company is working hard to bring affordable and beautiful plastic-free products to the market. They ensure every aspect of their deodorants are sustainable and natural, their wonderful fragrance combos are fresh and exciting and their deodorants look fabulous - thanks to the funky packaging.

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