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The skin-soothing properties of this natural soap bar combined with its delicate uplifting scent makes it hard to resist!


Ginger, with its warming properties, has long been used in traditional medicine to ease aches and pains and relax tense muscles. Its naturally high antioxidant levels also help to improve skin health and reduce inflammation.
The subtle spicy fragrance of Ginger in this soap has an underlying sweetness that stimulates the senses and leaves you feeling calm and at peace.


Jungle Culture's natural body soap is made with organic ingredients (with the exception of sodium hydroxide, which is necessary in order to make soap) and so is kind and gentle on the skin.

It comes packaged in recycled paper wrapping with a vegetable starch inner layer.


To prolong the life of this handmade soap, it's best kept on a slatted soap dish. See our selection here


Ginger & Spice Natural Exfoliating Soap

SKU: Jungle-GingerSoap
  • By Jungle Culture


    Dimensions: 9cm x 6cm x 3.5cm 

    Packaged in recycled paper wrapping with a vegetable starch inner layer.


    Why we love Jungle Culture... The ethical homeware company started their fight back against plastic use in everyday life with reusable straws in 2018. Their range has now extended to a brilliant collection of simple and stylish sustainable homeware, which they source from small and individual makers from around the world.


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