Freshly scented with peppermint and mandarin essential oils, Fit Pit Peppermint Cream Deodorant keeps armpits feeling fresh and clean all day long.


Fit Pit's low bicarb formula is light and gentle on the sensitive underarm skin but tough on odour and it even fights excess perspiration.

And the combination of its vegan and organic ingredients, including coconut oil and shea butter, help to moisturise and soften the skin. This means there's no stinging or white marks with this deodorant!



Fit Pit Peppermint Cream Deodorant is available in 25ml or 100ml glass jars


A 25ml jar gives approx 3 weeks supply. These small pots are perfect for slipping into your bag and keeping handy while you're on the move, or for when you're travelling.

A 100ml jar gives approx 3 months supply


Fit Pit Peppermint Cream Deodorant: 2 sizes available

PriceFrom £4.40
  • Fit Pit is made by The Green Woman

    Packaged in glass jars, it is available in 2 sizes:




    Why we love Fit Pit: All their deodorants come in reusable/recyclable glass jars. They use 100% organic natural ingredients and are free from aluminium, paraben and BPAs. They are also suitable for vegans.


    Why & how Fit Pit works

    The bicarbonate of soda in these deodorant creams works by subtly altering the skin's natural pH, which helps prevent smell-causing bacteria from thriving. Meanwhile, the coconut oil and shea butter moisturise your skin.

    And unlike antiperspirants Fit Pit doesn’t block sweat glands, which means your body can still remove toxins. The result is soft and healthy underarms.



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