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Zao Make-up refill product


Create an instant natural healthy glow with this powder blusher from Zao.


Launched as part of their summer-loving Arizona collection, the blusher adds an essential finishing touch, giving a natural look, with a touch of luminous sophistication.



Shade: Natural Radiance has a soft coral hue with a luminous and soft finish.



These refills makes this gorgeous shade of blusher even more irresistable as they help to cut down on waste easily.

Now there's no need to buy a duplicate compact when your original Zao blusher is running out. Simply slot one of these refills into the case and you're good to go.



And you can add them to your own hand-picked selection of your make-up favourites, which can be kept in the Zao Bamboo Refillable Make-up Case.


The way the Refillable Make-up Case works...

Created by Zao, the palette case has a magnetic lid for secure closure and features a mirror inside the top lid so you can retouch your make-up where ever you are. However, the best bit about this case is the magnetic base, which enables you to store Zao make-up refills securely, as they have a metallic magnetic base too. It's an eco-friendly solution that saves on packaging while also saving you ££s in the long run.

No waste. No plastic.


Watch the video above to see how this stylish case works.

For more details about the Refillable Makeup Palette click here





Refill - Natural Radiance Compact Blusher by Zao

SKU: ZAORefill-326
  • By Zao Essence of Nature

    9g powder blusher in a metal casing packaged in a cardboard envelope.


    Why we love Zao: All their products are cruelty-free, have never been tested on animals and are suitable for vegans.







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