This shampoo bar is especially effective at enhancing fair hair, thanks to the ingredients of botanical oils combined with calendula-infused olive oil and calendular petals. These work together to brighten up your hair, while essential oil of geranium will leave it smelling fresh, clean and shiny.


If you feel like your hair needs a little bit of extra help to get its mojo back then this could be the shampoo bar you're after.



Made by Bain & Savon, this vegan shampoo contains sodium coco sulfate, a surfactant  made solely from coconut oil. This ingredient helps give a deep clean to hair by trapping the oil-based dirt from the hair and allowing it to be rinsed away.


Botanical Calendula shampoo bar

SKU: BS-SP04-14
  • By Bain & Savon

    60g bar


    Why we love Bain and Savon: Their products are packaged in fully recyclable packaging, with no plastic whatsoever. They are cruelty- free and don't contain any parabens, SLS or palm oil. 



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