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This fabulously fruity solid shower gel bar is bursting with the rich flavours of Black Cherry. What a luxurious way to get clean!


A solid shower gel is the perfect way to banish plastic bottles from your shower. 

The Shower Block looks like a soap bar, however it's been re-imagined and is packed full of moisturising oils that hydrate and nourish skin, leaving it feeling super soft. Essential oils give this bar its intense berry fragrance and it bubbles up beautifully -  just like liquid shower gels do.


According to makers Shower Blocks each adult in the UK gets through 10-14 shower gel bottles a year. Yet one of these 100g solid bars could save 1.5 of those plastic bottles. Sounds like a really easy sustainble swap to us!


Black Cherry Solid Shower Gel

SKU: ShowerBlock-BlackCherry
  • Made by Shower Blocks

    100g solid bar

    Packaged in recyclable cardboard.


    Why we lover Shower Blocks... They're on a mission to banish plastic from the bathroom and their solid shower gel blocks help do just that. They're fun, come in an assortment of divine scents, and best of all, they're made with natural vegan ingredients that are kind to the skin and the planet.

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