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This pair of Bamboo Pot Scrubbing Brushes are a kitchen essential.

One brush has harder bristles and so is good for shifting serious dirt. The other has softer bristles for when a gentler cleaning touch is needed. Together they can tackle most cleaning jobs around the home.


Made by ethical homeware company Ecojiko, the Pot Scrubbers are a great addition to a more plastic-free kitchen. They're beautifully designed in a retro style and made of eco-friendly natural materials that biodegrade rather than sitting for years in landfill.

Once you've tried them, we promise you'll want to ditch the plastic alternatives for good.


And while they're brilliant at cleaning pots and pans, these Bamboo Pot Scrubbing Brushes have many other uses. For example, they are also great for cleaning vegetables, nails, muddy boots and the soft brush works really well brushing beards and pets!



Bamboo Pot Scrubbing Brushes (Pair)

SKU: Ecojiko-PotScrub2
  • By Ecojiko

    2 X ecojiko bamboo scrubbers with sisal bristles (one scrubber for lighter use, one with harder bristles) 8cm (L) x 3.5cm (W)


    Why we love Ecojiko... This small family business is inspired by a love of nature and natural materials. They use both in their beautifully designed, top quality eco-friendly homeware. All their products are plastic-free and offer really useful sustainable options for low waste living.

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