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This hand-held body brush is a great addition to your daily cleansing routine as it works to exfoliate and stimulate the skin.


Made of natural and sustainable materials, it has a smooth bamboo head which is very durable. And the brush bristles are made of sisal fibres. It also has a cotton strap handle for ease of use.


This Hand-Held Body Brush can be used on its own or as a replaceable head for our Long-Handled Body Brush.


Body brushes can be used to gently massage the skin, stimulating blood circulation. They are also really effective exfolliators, helping slough off dead skin cells. They can be used either for dry brushing or wet, as part of your daily wash routine.


This sustainable Body Brush is made from totally compostable materials. Once the bristles are too frayed or worn down to use on the body, the brush can be used for other jobs around the home such as cleaning vegetables or dirty boots. And once it's time to dispose of it, chop the brush into pieces and add it to the compost heap where it will happily break down. 










Skin-Stimulating Body Brush

SKU: InGreen-BodyBrushHead
  • By The Good Dot

    Dimensions: W 7cm at widest point, L 12.5cm


    Why we love The Good Dot... This eco-friendly company is on a mission to make it easy for all us shoppers to buy plastic-free everyday essential items. Their products are practical yet effective. And everything they do has the planet in mind; all their packaging is plastic-free, they do not use any packaging unless they have to and imports (including this body brush) are shipped by train and boat to cut down on CO2 emissions.

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