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Green Friday

Starts Nov 27th

Free delivery: UK orders over £35     International orders over £80      Free local collection    Christmas delivery dates here

Gifts & Sets

Orders are posted in plastic-free packaging (of course!) that's easily recycled and biodegradable.  Find out more here

Going plastic-free with

We want to make a difference. We want to help stop the pollution of our beautiful natural world.

And what better way to start than with the toiletries & cosmetics that most of use everyday.

If we all make small changes and choose sustainable products... then imagine what a big difference we will make together.  That's why we only stock and sell products that are:


Plastic-Free      Vegan & Cruelty-Free     Ethically Made


There are no plastic ingredients, packaging or applicators in anything we stock.

We've chosen good quality, affordable products made by suppliers who all have the environment in mind.

​Now we really can enjoy scrubbing up well without scrubbing out life on Earth

Ready to go plastic-free?

Plastic free cosmetics

Sustainable Swap: SKINCARE 10 for £10 or under

Plastic-free doesn't have to be expensive. Check out some of these affordable favourites for ideas on how to shop sustainably.

What our customers say...

Face cleanser Rose ger.jpg

I have been delighted with my purchase. Received my order quickly and with very friendly service. Would highly recommend!

Rebecca, via Facebook

Dancing Barefoot was a bit of a game changer for me - no more having to search high and low... to find products that are all truly plastic free. Amazing!

My favourites - so far - are the Green Dream moisturiser and Fit Pit Woman deodorant (even works when I go running!) Can't wait to see what DB has in next.

Amanda, via Facebook


I love the lengths to which these guys have gone to ensure that the product is sourced as ethically as possible.

...Brilliant concept,brilliant products, very well executed. Thanks Dancing Barefoot!

Simon, via Facebook

Why we need to reduce our plastic footprint

sea turtle with a plastic bag
We've got a problem

"Only 9% of plastics ever produced have been recycled... 79% have  accumulated in landfill or the environment."

Friends of the Earth and Science Advances

"More than eight million tonnes of plastic reaches the sea every year. There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050."


Girl with make up
Be part of the solution

​​Reduce: All of the products we sell have no plastic ingredients or packaging.

Reuse: Refills are available for many items in our selection.

Recycle: All of our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

Re-think: Beauty products don't have to come wrapped in plastic. There are better alternatives.

Sustainable swaps

Plastic bottle on a beach

Eco ideas: Easy ways to help change your plastic habits, one thing at a time

Swap your plastic

hand soap dispenser

for a bar of soap

Easy to use

wrapped in cardboard

zero waste

No plastic bottles

or single-use pump dispensers

Check out our range of bath, body, face & hand soaps.


Many different fragrances

& unfragranced available.

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