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Make a stand against plastic in your shaving routine with this stylish Bamboo Reusable Safety Razor, made of sustainable materials.


Did you know that around 2 billion single-use plastic razors are disposed of each year worldwide? The figures are mind-boggling aren't they? But in each of those razors, because the metal blade is embedded in the plastic head, they cannot be recycled and don't biodegrade. Therefore, every single one of them is a disaster for our natural environment.

Now, with this Reusable Razor you can be part of the solution, not the plastic problem.


This sleek Reusable Bamboo Razor has a double-edged head featuring a chrome safety guard to prevent cuts and irritation, giving a clean, close shave... time after time

Its stainless steel body is strong and built to last and its attractive, natural bamboo handle is weighted perfectly for a smooth, zero waste shave.


These Razors are meant to be used again and again. The only part that will need replacing is the razor blade. Fitting a new blade is straightforward; simply unscrew the stainless steel head, put the razor blade in place and then retighten the head again before using.



Made by Jungle Culture, each Bamboo Reusable Safety Razor comes packaged in a magnetic storage box with a canvas travelling pouch and a packet of double-edged razore blades.





Reusable Safety Razor with Bamboo Handle

SKU: Jungle-RazorBamboo
  • By Jungle Culture

    Size: 15cm x 7.1cm x 4.6cm

    Weight: 210g


    Why we love Jungle Culture... The ethical homeware company started their fight back against plastic use in everyday life with reusable straws in 2018. Their range has now extended to a brilliant collection of simple and stylish sustainable homeware, which they source from small and individual makers from around the world.


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