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Enjoy the benefits of clean, smooth shaving with this stylish Reusable Safety Razor. It's sleek design and smart Gunmetal Black colour make it a timeless classic and - even better - it'll help you reduce plastic waste while you shave.


The razor's design has been precision engineered to give a smooth and comfortable shave every time, helping even beginners avoid cuts, nicks and skin irritation when shaving.


Its ergonomic handle has a textured, slip-resistant grip and it is perfectly balanced for ease of use.


Made by Jungle Culture, each Gunmetal Black Reusable Safety Razor comes packaged in a magnetic storage box with a hessian travel bag.


Unlike the plastic 'disposable' ones, this Safety Razor is meant to be used again and again. The only bit that will need replacing is the razor blade.

To fit a new blade is straightforward; simply unscrew the head until it lifts off. Put the razor blade in place and then secure it by re-screwing the head in place again.


And once it comes to the end of its life, it's worth remembering that this Safety Razor is made of brass alloy with a chrome plating, both of which are widely recylable. This is in contast to moulded plastic "disposable" razors, which are not recyclable. Not even the razor blades can be extracted or recycled from disposable razore because they are embedded in plastic. Indeed, every single plastic razor ever made is still around today - in landfill or at the bottom of our oceans.


So, if you shave, this single sustainable swap could help cut down on your plastic usage in one easy move!








Reusable Safety Razor: Gunmetal Black

SKU: Jungle-RazorBlack
  • By Jungle Culture

    1 x Metal Safety Razor (Gunmetal Black)
    1 x Grey hessian travel pouch
    1 x Magnetic storage box


    Weight: 210g / 7.4oz
    Dimensions: 15cm x 7.1cm x 4.6cm


    Why we love Jungle Culture... The ethical homeware company started their fight back against plastic use in everyday life with reusable straws in 2018. Their range has now extended to a brilliant collection of simple and stylish sustainable homeware, which they source from small and individual makers from around the world.


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