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Enjoy your favourite make-up on the move or at home with this beautiful, and really easy to use, Refillable Make-up Case.

Made of bamboo, the refillable palette is not only beautiful to look at, but also brings an end to making do with pre-packed palettes (in single-use black plastic) which always seem to contain a lot of makeup shades you never use.


Instead, the Zao Refillable Bamboo Makeup Case lets you choose just the colours and products you really want, cutting down on waste instantly. And all the Refills and the Case are totally plastic-free.


Waste-free makeup

To use, simply fill with your favourite items from our Zao Refills range of vegan mineral makeup, all of which are made especially to use with the Refillable Case.

And when one of your best-loved products runs out, you can replace just that one, or choose something new. In this way you can update your makeup easily and without waste.

It's an eco-friendly solution that saves on packaging, while also saving you ££s in the long run. No waste. No plastic.



Keeping your makeup safe

Thanks to magic of magnets, you can be confident that your makeup products will be kept safe and pristine inside the Refillable Case.


It has a magnetic lid for secure closure and features a mirror inside the top lid so you can retouch your makeup where ever you are.

However, the best bit about this case is the magnetic base, which enables you to store Zao Makeup Refills securely, as they have a metallic magnetic base too.


To see how this stylish case works watch the video above.


The palette is sold empty, to be filled with Zao Make-up Refills of your choice.

These include face powders, eyeshadows, brow powders, blushers and highlighter and you can create whatever combo you fancy.

Find the range of Zao Refills listed on our Make-up Refills page



The product pictures above show some combination suggestions. As a guide, it holds either:


  • 1 brow powder and upto 6 rectangular eyeshadows or 2 circular matte eyeshadows
  • 1 compact face powder/highlighter/blusher and 2 circular matt eyeshadows
  • 1 compact face powder/highlighter/blusher and 5 rectangular eyeshadows
  • 1 compact face powder and 1 highlighter
  • 1 compact face powder and 1 blusher




Why we love this Refillable Palette...

"Most of us have experienced make-up packaged in a conventional hard plastic, single-use palette. And if you're anything like me, you've used maybe 2-3 shades in that palette (4 if I'm lucky) with the others gathering dust. Once those shades have been used up the palette gets discarded as there's no way to replace my favourites, and eventually it ends up in the bin... on its way to landfill as these palettes are not easily recycled. What a waste, and I'm ashamed to think about how I've created this waste in the past.

Now, thanks to this fabulous Zao Refillable Palette, there is a sustainable way to enjoy gorgeous natural make-up without creating masses of waste. And that makes me very happy!"

Sarah, Dancing Barefoot.

Refillable Bamboo MakeUp Case - Medium size

SKU: Zao-BambooPaletteM
  • Dimensions of the Refillable Makeup Case:

    When closed: 130mm (w) x 75mm (d) x 16mm (h)

    Internal - 110mm (w) x 55mm (d) x 5mm (h)


    Why we love Zao: They're one of the leading eco-conscious makeup brands. As well as producing beautiful premium quality makeup, Zao spends a lot of time coming up with innovative ways for their products and packaging to be sustainable. All their makeup is cruelty-free and has been accredited by the international 'Leaping Bunny' programme. None of their products have ever been tested on animals and are all suitable for vegans. They are made from 100% natural ingredients and also do not contain any parabens (synthetic preservatives).

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