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UpCircle offer premium quality natural skincare using upcycled ingredients. Their Cleansing Balm  removes impurities and makeup - including mascara - and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.


Suitable for all skin types, UpCircle Cleansing Balm can be used every day and is deeply hydrating, thanks to its unique blend of natural ingredients, which include:


finely powdered apricot stones - a natural source of antioxidants and Vitamin E that helps boost skin

oat oil - soothes and rebalances skin's own oils leaving it feeling soft and supple

blackcurrant seed oil - helps even out skin tone

sea buckthorn oil - supports skin elasticity

rosemary oil - helps prevent break-outs


UpCircle Beauty specialise in repurposing products  in their cosmetics that would otherwise go to waste. The secret ingredient in their Cleansing Balm is the finely-ground powder of apricot stones. These discarded stones are a natural by-product of the apricot oil industry and would normally be thrown away. Instead, the stones - which are packed full of natural Vitamin E and antioxidants - are put to good use by UpCircle who transform them into a vital skin-boosting ingredient in their natural Cleansing Balm.


Like all UpCircle cosmetics, the Cleansing Balm is vegan and cruelty-free. It is also packaged plastic-free in an attractive frosted glass jar with aluminium lid and then packed in a protective cardboard box.


This Cleansing Face Balm was awarded winner of the CEW Responsibility Award 2022, "Best Value" product in the Women's Running 2020 Awards and bronze for Best Oil Cleanser in the Global Makeup Awards 2022.





UpCircle Face Cleansing Balm with Apricot and Vitamin E

SKU: UpC-CleanseBalm
  • By UpCircle Beauty

    Made with Oat Oil and Powder of Apricot Stones


    Packaged in a frosted glass jar with aluminium lid


    Why we love UpCircle... They are pioneers of the circular/sustainable beauty industry. They take natural by-products from the food and drinks industry, which would otherwise be thrown away, and transform these "waste" items, such as coffee grounds and argan shells, into vital ingredients in their natural cosmetics. In this way they are proving that the beauty industry can cut down on waste.

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