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Help your hair last longer between washes with this natural, eco-friendly Dry Shampoo.




This Dry Shampoo powder uses natural ingredients to pep up hair and banish greasy roots. It's perfect if you're going away, trying to survive a festival or camping trip without your mane looking insane, or simply want your locks to smell amazing.

It's an eco-friendly product that is the best sustainable option for your hair and our planet.


This lovely, natural haircare product is made by Scrubber, who's Natural Deodorant sticks are some of our best sellers. And we're excited to see them creating more fabulous fragrances in their Dry Shampoo range.

The Tangerine & Jasmine blend in this shampoo mixes the revitalising citrus fragrance of tangerine  with the delicate floral fragrance of jasmine, creating a beautiful and unique scent.


How it works:

Unlike most commercial dry shampoos that use aerosols or are packed in plastic and have a long list of scary-looking chemicals, Scrubber Dry Shampoo uses effective natural ingredients that are kind to your scalp and kind to nature, including ethically sourced powders and clays.


These help to banish greasy-looking roots and they're also mildly antibacterial, making hair feel and look fresh.


Packaged in a cardboard, recyclable shaker pot, Scrubber Dry Shampoo can be applied whenever it's needed. One tub lasts 1-3 months, depending on usage.



Tangerine & Jasmine - Dry Shampoo by Scrubber

SKU: Scrubber-DryShTangerine
  • Made by Scrubber


    Packaged in cardboard shaker tub


    Why we love Scrubber... From their workshop in London, this ethical company is working hard to bring affordable and beautiful plastic-free products to the market. They ensure every aspect of their products are sustainable and natural, their wonderful fragrance combos are fresh and exciting and their items look fabulous - thanks to the funky 70s retro packaging.

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