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The Soap Saver Pouch is such a simple and clever accessory that once you've got one, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it before.


It's perfect for using up any smaller pieces of soap. Gather them together and and put them into the Soap Saver Pouch, pulling the drawstring to close. Then rub the pouch on your skin, as you would a bar of soap, and watch it lather up. You can also use it with a fresh bar of soap.

The pouch gently exfoliates the skin too as you use it, thanks to it's texture. It is made with a blend of exfoliating sisal fibres and tight woven, extra soft organic cotton.


When you've finished washing, simply hang the pouch up by the drawstring to dry.


The Soap Saver fits any standard size soap. It can also be used with shampoo and conditioner bars.

It is machine washable and is designed to be reused hundreds of times.








Soap Saver

SKU: Jungle-SoapSaver
  • By Jungle Culture

    Size: H 13cm W: 10cm


    Why we love Jungle Culture... The ethical homeware company started their fight back against plastic use in everyday life with reusable straws in 2018. Their range has now extended to a brilliant collection of simple and stylish sustainable homeware, which they source from small and individual makers from around the world.


  • Soap Saver Pouch: Organic Cotton, Sisal Fibre


    Sisal comes from the Agave Sisal plants, which originated in Mexico. It has been used as a source of fibre for cloth and twine since the time of the ancient civilisations of the Aztecs and Mayans.




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