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This pack of 4 stainless steel drinking straws and cotton-headed straw cleaner makes eco living easy.


The multi-coloured Reusable Drinking Straws look stylish, whatever your tipple.

Their rainbow colour design brightens up any drink, whether its a smoothie, fruit juice, something fizzy or a hot chocolate.


Made of stainless steel they're very hygienic as they're easily cleaned, either by hand or in the dishwasher. And included in this set is a cotton-headed Straw Cleaner to help keep them sparkling.


The reusable straws are also very durable, unlike other plastic free options such as paper straws, they can be reused again and again.

This set is definitely a super stylish, easy sustainable swap.









Reusable Drinking Straws: Pack of 4 with Straw Cleaner

SKU: Straw-4Pk
  • Straight Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

    Multi-coloured rainbow design.

    L = 21.5cm, W= 0.5cm


    Supplied to us by The Good Dot Company.

    Why we love The Good Dot... This ethical company is on a mission to make it easy for all us shoppers to buy plastic-free everyday essential items. Their products are practical yet effective. And everything they do has the planet in mind; all their packaging is plastic-free, they do not use any packaging unless they have to and imports are shipped by train and boat to cut down on air emissions.

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