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Zao's Mineral Powder Bronzer gives skin a healthy amber glow throughout the seasons.


Made using natural red clay, this Mineral Bronzer feels light and silky on the skin and creates the perfect sun-kissed look.


Cacao shade: Deep Brown Bronze with a matt finish.


The Powder Bronzer is designed to shape your face rather than used for complete coverage. Apply to the contours of the face for sculpted definition or on the cleavage for an all-season tan.

(See Storage & Use section for more application tips).


And it's easy to pack into a makeup bag as the Powder Bronzer comes in a smart bamboo compact, that's wrapped in a soft bamboo linen pouch. This compact is not only made of sustainable bamboo but is also refillable.


Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin

Like all Zao products, the Powder Bronzer is free from parabens (synthetic preservatives), instead it uses micronised silver as an effective and non-toxic preservative. Zao does not use nanoparticles in their products, with the micronised silver being larger than nanoparticle size, making Zao products safe and free from toxic preservatives. It's also talc free.



Zao's Bronzers are available in other shades:

Golden Bronze 

Milk Chocolate



Powder Bronzer- Cacao (Matt): Mineral Makeup by Zao

SKU: Zao-344BronzerCompact
  • By Zao Essence of Nature

    18g refillable bronzer


    Why we love Zao... This leading eco-conscious makeup brand produces beautiful, premium quality makeup without compromising on ethics. All their products are organic and use only natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Zao also focuses on creating innovative sustainable packaging for their products. All their makeup has been accredited by the international 'Leaping Bunny' programme as Cruelty-Free. None of their products have ever been tested on animals and are all suitable for vegans. They are made from 100% natural organic ingredients certified by EcoCert. They also do not contain any parabens (synthetic preservatives).



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