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This eco-friendly Bamboo Cutlery Set is perfect for picnics, travelling and eating on the go. And your food will taste a little bit sweeter with the knowledge that you're not using any single-use plastic knives, forks and spoons.


The set contains everything you need for eating while out-and-about: a knife, fork, spoon, straw and straw cleaner.

It also comes in a handy drawstring jute bag, which makes it really easy to slip in your bag and take with you where-ever you go.


And unlike some experiences you may have had with flimsy plastic cutlery which has been too blunt to cut and pick up food or has broken easily, this set is brilliantly designed for its purpose. Each piece is a good length (20cm), the prongs on the fork are sharp enough to pick up food and the serrated knife cuts well.


Made by ethical homeware company Ecojiko, the Cutlery Set is made of bamboo - which, as one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, is a highly sustainable alternative to traditional wood.  It also biodegrades easily unlike the single-use plastic cutlery that sits in landfill for 100s of years.



Bamboo Cutlery Set

SKU: Ecojiko-Cutlery
  • By Ecojiko

    Each Cutlery Set contains:

    1 x Bamboo Fork 20cm

    1 x Bamboo Knife 20cm

    1 x Bamboo Spoon 20cm

    1 x Bamboo Reusable Straw 20cm

    1 x Straw Cleaner 20cm

    1 x Jute bag 20cm


    Why we love Ecojiko... This small family business is inspired by a love of nature and natural materials. They use both in their beautifully designed, top quality eco-friendly homeware. All their products are plastic-free and offer really useful sustainable options for low waste living.

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