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Suitable for all skin tones, Love the Planet's Translucent Perfecting Face Powder adds the finishing touch to your look. The vegan, mineral powder feels light and silky soft on the skin and leaves you looking radiant.


And these Refill Pouches are perfect for replenishing your supply.

Each pouch contains 12g of loose Translucent Face Powder. Simply empty the powder into an existing Love the Planet tin or use another container such as a small jar.

The pouches are made of kraft paper, cellulose and starch and are biodegradable and compostable - reducing plastic packaging and waste.



Refill - Translucent Perfecting Powder by Love the Planet

SKU: LTPRefill-Transluscent
  • By Love the Planet

    Loose powder in a 12g compostable pouch


    Why we love Love the Planet: In a cosmetics market crowded with single-use plastic packaging, LTP are a breath of fresh air. All their makeup products are free from plastic ingredients and packaging. They also don't contain any parabens or palm oil and  are cruelty-free.


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