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Fun, stylish and sustainable, the Bamboo Snack Bowl is an eye-catching addition to your tableware.


With its minimal white terrazzo exterior design and smoothe spun bamboo interior, the bowl blends modern and rustic styles effortlessly.


And its 15cm diameter size means its just right for dips and snacks, making it a perfect addition at parties, picnics or more formal occassions.


Brought to you by ethical brand Jungle Culture, each Bamboo Snack Bowl is unique as it has been hand crafted by artisan carpenters in rural Vietnam using ethically sourced, organic bamboo* and only basic tools are used throughout the production process.


*Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet,  and so is a highly sustainable alternative to traditional wood.  It also biodegrades easily, unlike plastic tableware that sits in landfill for 100s of years.


Please note: These bowls are sold singly and are unboxed.


Bamboo Snack Bowl

SKU: Jungle-SnackBowl
  • By Jungle Culture

    15cm diameter


    Total Weight: 400g


    Why we love Jungle Culture... The ethical homeware company started their fight back against plastic use in everyday life with reusable straws in 2018. Their range has now extended to a brilliant collection of simple and stylish sustainable homeware, which they source from small and individual makers from around the world.


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