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Be part of Plastic-Free July

Welcome to our first blog post and what a great day to start on – July 1st – the beginning of Plastic-Free July – yay!

This month people all around the world are saying ‘No’ to single-use plastics and are actively thinking about ways they can reduce plastic in their everyday lives.

The campaign idea of Plastic-Free July was born in Australia 10 years ago and has since grown into a global movement as people everywhere have become increasingly aware of the damage plastic pollution is causing. And what’s great to see is that more and more people want to do something about it.

Here at Dancing Barefoot we wholeheartedly support the campaign. It raises awareness of things people can realistically do to reduce plastic use day-to-day. That’s very much our ethos too. We believe that if we all make small sustainable changes, then together we can make a big difference.

And where better to start than with the toiletries, cosmetics and homeware items we use every day.

To help kick-start your plastic-free journey we’ll be posting regularly throughout the month with tips on ways to reduce plastic waste and suggestions of simple sustainable swaps you can make.

Today, we’re focusing on the kitchen and here’s a few ideas on how to easily reduce your plastic use in the “heart of the home”


Sounds simple, right? But how easy is it to get sucked into the ‘buy one, get one free’ offer? We’ve all done it, even when we don’t really want double the amount. So, we also know buying too much leads to more plastic packaging and often also results in waste if food goes off.

Therefore, by buying less we can help reduce the resources used to create new products. Plastic-Free July estimates that for each 1kg of rubbish created at home, up to 70kg can be created upstream in producing those items.

So, when shopping, just ask yourself: “Do I really need this?” If you’re not sure, maybe leave it on the shelf.

Look at the packaging

Consider carefully what type of packaging your goods are in. Look for products that aren’t wrapped in plastic. This type of disposable plastic packaging is a huge source of pollution and the more fuss us consumers make about it, the more the big firms are going to listen and change.

Here at Dancing Barefoot, we think very carefully about packaging. All the products we sell are in biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging. Meanwhile, the packaging we use to post orders to customers is all recyclable and biodegradable too.

Simple Sustainable Swaps

Choose an eco-friendly scourer

Conventional scourers are made with plastic fibre and so leave microplastic waste in your washing up water. Instead, why not try a scourer made of natural coir (coconut fibre). We’ve got them in packets of 2 and as well as scourers they also make brilliant soap rests. Once they reach the end of their life, they can be broken up and put straight in the compost. We also sell biodegradable sponge scourers as part of our Kitchen Cleaning Starter Kit.

Use reusable drinking straws

Single-use plastic straws epitomise the throw-away plastic culture that we’re trying to change. However, you can still enjoy a drink through a straw with reusable ones. Why not try our rainbow coloured ones.

Made of stainless steel to ensure they last, they can be used with cold and hot drinks and are washable. We’ve also got straw cleaners to help with that! Available in sets of 4 or 2.

For lots more plastic-free inspiration, see our full range of sustainable homeware.

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