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These innovative wooden clips are both a stylish and practical must-have for your sustainable kitchen.


Shaped like small doughnuts, the sealing clips keep open packets of coffee, snacks and dried foods fresher for longer.

They're so easy to use. Simply slide them over the folded top of open bags and packets and the clip will keep them closed. They fit snuggly and easily and unlike the ugly plastic clips, they look very beautiful in your kitchen.

Designed by ethical homeware company Ecojiko, these Scandi-inspired food packet sealing clips are made of beech wood. Each clip is 6.5cm wide.


Wooden Doughnut Clips for Food Packets

SKU: Ecojiko-Doughnut
  • By Ecojiko

    Each Doughnut Clip is 6.5cm wide.

    Why we love Ecojiko... This small family business is inspired by a love of nature and natural materials. They use both in their beautifully designed, top quality eco-friendly homeware. All their products are plastic-free and offer really useful sustainable options for low waste living.


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