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Put the bounce back into your hair with UpCircle's natural Shampoo Crème.


Packed full of natural ingredients that are a rich source of vitamins A and E, this Shampoo leaves hair feeling fresh and looking voluminous! And its gentle formula helps soothe scalp irritation.


The Shampoo Crème is a hybrid of a liquid and a solid.

Its concentrated formula delivers THREE times the washes of a liquid shampoo! And there is even less waste than a shampoo bar, if you count the last slithers of the shampoo bar that are often not used.

In addition, this sulphate-free Shampoo is suitable for all hair types. It works well for afro / textured hair, colour treated hair, dry hair as well as greasy hair, and gives a great wash in both hard and soft water areas.

Due to the carefully curated ingredients, it is exceptionally gentle on the hair and is also very mild on the eyes, skin and scalp.




UpCircle Beauty specialise in upcycling natural products in their cosmetics that would otherwise go to waste. Their Shampoo Crème uses leftover pink berries from the fragrance industry as their oils help to soothe the scalp and strengthen hair.

The addition of coconut and grapefruit oils together work to protect, nourish and strengthen hair. Coconut Oil is especially good at reducing dryness and frizz, while grapefruit oil works naturally to combat dandruff and also adds shine.


Like all UpCircle cosmetics, the Shampoo Crème is vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologically approved.
It is also packaged plastic-free in an attractive frosted glass jar with an aluminium lid and then packed in a protective cardboard box.

UpCircle Shampoo Crème with Coconut, Grapefruit & Pink Berry Oils

SKU: UpCircle-Shampoo
  • By UpCircle Beauty

    Made with Pink Berry, Coconut & Grapefruit Oils


    Packaged in a frosted glass jar with aluminium lid


    Why we love UpCircle... They are pioneers of the circular/sustainable beauty industry. They take natural by-products from the food and drinks industry, which would otherwise be thrown away, and transform these "waste" items, such as coffee grounds and argan shells, into vital ingredients in their natural cosmetics. In this way they are proving that the beauty industry can cut down on waste.

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