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Savour the taste of this sumptious organic Salted Caramel Chocolate bar made with vegan rice milk.


Made by artisan chocolatiers Seed & Bean, this plant-based milk chocolate bar is 100% vegan and organic. It blends together both salty and sweet flavours beautifully. Organic caramel is mixed with sea salt harvested from Cornwall’s 'Grade A' classified waters to create this classic flavour combination. Wrapped totally plastic-free in a compostable wrapper.


Salted Caramel OrganicVegan M*lk Chocolate by Seed & Bean (47% Cocoa), 75g bar


Salted Caramel: Organic Vegan Milk Chocolate

SKU: Choc-SaltedCarMilk
  • by Seed & Bean

    Organic, Vegan Milk Chocolate (47% Cocoa)


    100% compostable wrapping


    Why we love Seed & Bean... Delicious chocolate ethically made - Seed & Bean really are the total package. The family company have been hand making their 100% organic vegan chocolate since 2005 and still only produce it in small batches so that they can ensure the quality of every bar. They use Fairtrade ingredients whenever possible and have now switched to using totally compostable and plastic-free packaging. How yummy is that!

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