The classic stainless steel safety razor now comes with a stylish blue bamboo handle, giving it a modern twist.


A Safety Razor is a great sustainable swap to make. It will help you achieve a clean, close shave... time after time. And, because it's made of sustainable materials, this one purchase can help cut down your waste and plastic use dramatically!


Shaving is a part of life for many of us. But so, unfortunately is the plastic 'disposable' razor. In contrast, this Good Dot doubled-edged Safety Razor is made of stainless steel with a contoured blue bamboo handle - both highly recylable and sustainable materials.


And these razors are meant to be used again and again. The only bit that will need replacing is the razor blade. To fit a new blade is straightforward; simply unscrew the stainless steel head, put the razor blade in place and then retighten the head again before using.

The Safety Razor is sold with a packet of 5 replacement Gillette razor blades.



Made by The Good Dot, a brand that produces low waste, sustainable and practical products to replace commonplace plastic equivalents.





Safety Razor Blue: Stainless Steel with Bamboo Handle

SKU: GDRaz-Blue
  • By The Good Dot

    Size: L 12cm W 4cm at widest part of the head


    Why we love The Good Dot... This company is on a mission to make it easy for all us shoppers to buy plastic-free everyday essential items. Their products are practical yet effective. And everything they do has the planet in mind; all their packaging is plastic-free, they do not use any packaging unless they have to and imports are shipped by train and boat to cut down on air emissions.