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Dancing Barefoot's reusable face wipes are very sustainable. And they can help reduce your plastic use and waste in an instant.


Made of a blend of organic hemp and organic cotton, they're soft and gentle enough to use when cleaning your face. Yet the natural fibres mean they're also strong enough to go through the laundry and be reused... again and again.


This pack of 5 is a great starter if you're thinking of trying out reusable facial wipes. (Our advice is... do it!)


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Reusable Face Wipes: Pack of 5

SKU: DB-FWipes5
  • Made for Dancing Barefoot by Zero Waste Shopper using renewable energy and recycled paper labels.

    Size: 6cm x 6cm

    Why use reusable face wipes...

    The disposable wipes industry has boomed in recent years and the favourites for many are facial cleanser wipes and makeup remover wipes. However, these products are made of a blend of plastic materials that do not biodegrade and, even worse, form 'fatburgs' blocking up sewer systems and lining riverbeds.

    Instead, many of us have reached for cotton wool cleansing pads,  which are also very convenient, and because they're made of cotton, sort of ok... right?

    Wrong, we're afraid.


    Farming cotton can cause huge environmental problems, especially if the cotton is not being organically produced. The chemicals used in the process can pollute nearby rivers and so wreak havoc on local ecosystems and wildlife. And cotton production uses a huge amount of water - some 20,000 litres are needed to produce 1kg of cotton (1 T-shirt), diverting water from surrounding areas and also causing serious damage to natural habitats.

    The solution is to source organic cotton products and reuse them to help cut down waste.



  • Wipes:

    55% Organic Hemp

    45% Organic Cotton

    Sewing Threads:

    100% Organic Cotton


    Recycled paper


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