Keep it Pure and Simple with this fragrance free Box Set.

Featuring everything you need to stay feeling fresh and clean all over, this set contains some of our bestselling fragrance-free products that are all suitable for sensitive skin.

There's a gentle body soap, a facial cleansing bar and shampoo as well as two natural loofah sponges. And the addition of Blushberry Botanicals rich handcream and Green Cream's intense facial moisturiser will ensure your skin feels well and truly soothed and looked after.

So whether you have sensitive skin or just prefer fragrance-free products, this Box Set is a perfectly simple choice.


Each Pure & Simple Box Set contains...

1 x Aloe Vera Body Soap by Friendly Soap. Containing only four ingredients and a dash of water, the secret of this Aloe Vera soap is in its simplicity. There’s lovely vitamin C and E squeezed into every nourishing bar, together with beta carotene. And natural oils make it rich, creamy and gentle enough for sensitive skin.


1 x Shea Butter Facial Cleansing Bar: The Friendly Soap handmade bar is a beautifully simple product that is gentle and moisturising and perfect for your daily routine. It is packed with a rich blend of fatty acids and antioxidants and contains a third each of shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil to leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.


1 x Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar: This solid Shampoo Bar is unfragranced and suitable for all hair types. Made by Bain & Savon, the soothing bar is packed full of coconut milk to provide extra nourishment for your hair. Coconut milk ensures a bubbly lather and an extra creamy feel, while jojoba oil adds a touch of luxury that helps your hair stay healthy and shiny.


1 x Original Hand Cream is rich, creamy and intensely nourishing for those who prefer a hand cream without a scent as it's fragrance-free.

Makers Blushberry Botanicals use the finest natural and organic ingredients in their Original cream, blending cocoa butter with shea butter and coconut oil. This combination provides soothing relief for hardworking hands, leaving them feeling soft and moisturised. The cream is concentrated, without any added water, so a little goes a long way.
Although designed as a hand cream, this cream is also great on any areas of dry skin. Try it on knees, elbows and feet.


1 x Green Cream Original Moisturiser nourishes the skin all day long. Made from 100% organic, plant-based ingredients, it's perfect for dry skin, especially for the face, neck and hands. And as it is unscented it's also suitable for sensitive skin.

Its powerful moisturising formula contains shea butter, hazelnut oil, coconut oil and aloe vera. Hazelnut oil is a rich and luxurious plant-based oil that is easily absorbed into the skin and is non greasy.


2 x natural loofah sponges ( 1 x small, 1 x large): Loofah sponges are ever popular as they give a naturally non-abrasive exfoliating clean. Super adaptable, the loofahs can be used gently on the face to slough away dead skin. Their non-abrasive texture also means that our bigger loofah is perfect for an all-over exfoliating scrub.

And the best thing about these adaptable sponges is that they're totally natural as they are the fruit of the loofah gourd - a vigourously growing plant that is a distant cousin of the squash and cucumber. Being derived from a vegetable, when they come to the end of their life, you can simply compost them as they're totally biodegradable. Perfect!







Pure & Simple: Fragrance Free Box Set

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  • The set contains:

    1 x Aloe Vera Body Soap by Friendly Soap (95g bar packaged in recyclable cardboard)

    1 x Shea Butter Facial Cleansing Bar by Friendly Soap (95g bar packaged in recyclable cardboard)

    Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar by Bain & Savon (130g bar packaged in recyclable cardboard)

    1 x Original Hand Cream by Blushberry Botanicals (packaged in a 60ml recyclable tin)

    1 x Green Cream Original Moisturiser by The Green Woman (packaged in a 25ml glass jar)

    1 x small Natural Loofah Sponge 3cm H x 7cm W (at widest point)

    1 x large Natual Loofah Sponge: 7cm H x 7cm W (at widest point)

    Both by The Good Dot


    Why we love Friendly Soap... As well as plastic-free, all their products are free from parabens, sulphates, triclosan or phthalates. They are also registered with The Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International.


    Why we love Blushberry Botanicals... They hand make their products in small batches in Scotland and develop them to harness the therapeutic properties of plants. As well as plastic-free, their products are all cruelty-free, vegan and made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

    They are also safety assessed and approved by a cosmetic chemist and compliant with current EU cosmetic safety regulations.


    Why we love Green Cream... The ingredients in all their creams are 100% plant-based, natural and organic, cruelty-free and vegan. Their creams are also free from added water, preservatives, parabens, BPAs, petrochemicals, palm oil and plastic.


    Why we love Bain & Savon... Their products are packaged in fully recyclable packaging, with no plastic whatsoever. They are cruelty- free and don't contain any parabens, SLS or palm oil.


    Why we love The Good Dot... This company is on a mission to make it easy for all us shoppers to buy plastic-free everyday essential items. Their products are practical yet effective. And everything they do has the planet in mind; all their packaging is plastic-free, they do not use any packaging unless they have to and imports are shipped by train and boat to cut down on air emissions.

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