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The energising fragrance combo of zesty lemongrass and revitalising tea tree in this Pit Putty natural deodorant balm will keep you feeling refreshed all day long.


Pit Putty is a high performance natural deodorant that's safe for the whole family to use.
Handmade from only organic and natural ingredients, it's fragranced with plant oils, and is 100%  aluminium-free and cruelty-free as well as plastic-free and vegan.

It harnesses the power of arrowroot powder to neutralise body odour and will keep you dry all day long. Pit Putty also contains organic, unrefined shea butter to moisturise underarms and keep your pits in tip top shape. And its natural, plant-based ingredients get straight to work, leaving no residue on clothes – only gorgeous smelling pits.

Each Pit Putty is packaged in a handy aluminium tin that fits into your bag when you're on the go. And when you've finished the deodorant, the tin can be reused or is easily recycled.


Choose from Pit Putty's other odour-busting scents:

Cinnamon Cedarwood

Lavender Lemon



Lemongrass Tea Tree Natural Deodorant Balm by Pit Putty

SKU: PPutty-Lemongrass
  • Made by Pit Putty


    Packaged in recyclable aluminium tin

    Tin: 68 x 25 mm


    Why we love Pit Putty... The combination of natural, aluminium free ingredients mean their deodorant balms are very gentle on the skin. And their fragrance combos are fresh and enticing.

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