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UpCircle's SPF25 Moisturiser & Mineral Suncream protects skin from the sun using natural ingredients. It's suitable for all skin tones and can be applied to both the face and body. And it's not just plastic-free and vegan but is also reef-safe, ensuring it doesn't add to ocean pollution.



The dermatologically approved mineral sunscreen provides an essential physical defence against premature ageing caused by the sun. It uses naturally derived non-nano zinc oxide to protect the skin whilst powerful antioxidant raspberry seed oil defends against free radical damage.


UpCircle have been busy perfecting the formula for their Mineral Sunscreen SPF25 for three years. They use only the highest quality zinc oxide that seamlessly blends in to skin, leaving nothing but a natural glow.


Once applied, the lightweight cream absorbs within 15 minutes to create a natural finish with a subtle glow. Skin-soothing aloe vera calms inflammation and quenches the moisture barrier, whilst humectant glycerin seals in hydration. Additional ingredients of non-comedogenic sunflower oil and lavender oil soothe skin and make this sunscreen particularly good for those with acne-prone skin.

Why SPF 25?: This Mineral Sunscreen SPF25 blocks 96% of harmful UV rays. Re-apply regularly to ensure your skin stays protected.



UpCircle Beauty specialise in repurposing skin-loving products  in their cosmetics that would otherwise go to waste. The secret ingredient in their Mineral Suncream SPF25 are upcycled raspberry seeds from the juicing industry, which protect and hydrate your delicate skin. 


The raspberry seed oil is high in antioxidants Vitamin A and E that not only boost collagen production for plumper looking skin, but also shield skin from environmental pollution by protecting against free radical damage.



The Mineral Suncream SPF25 is packaged plastic-free in glass jar with aluminium lid and then packed in a protective cardboard box.







SPF25 Moisturiser & Mineral Suncream by UpCircle

SKU: SPF25-UpCircle
  • By UpCircle Beauty

    Made with raspberry seed oil


    Packaged in a glass jar with aluminium lid


    Why we love UpCircle... They are pioneers of the circular/sustainable beauty industry. They take natural by-products from the food and drinks industry, which would otherwise be thrown away, and transform these skin-loving "waste" items, such as raspberry seeds, coffee grounds and argan shells, into vital ingredients in their natural cosmetics. In this way they are proving that the beauty industry can cut down on waste.

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