This Organic Body Butter is a truly indulgent treat.

It is packed full of Shea Butter, which deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin, while Coconut Oil keeps the body butter light and fluffy and helps it absorb quickly.


Added to these two richly hydrating ingredients are essential oils of sandalwood and rose - a sensual blend in which the delicate floral rose scent is balanced by the subtle spicy freshness of the sandalwood. And a touch of vanilla oil adds the final touch of luxury.


So go on... indulge yourself. Smooth this body butter on after a long soak in the bath or a hard day's work. Sit back, relax and let it work its magic.



Makers Ku.tis only use natural ingredients in their organic body butters and they select blends of essential oils to give an aroma-therepuetic experience.


The Indulgent Body Butter comes packaged in  glass jar which is easily recycled or reused.

Indulgent Body Butter: Rose & Sandalwood

SKU: Kutis-BBRose
  • Made by Ku.tis Skincare

    Packaged in a glass jar



    Why we love Ku.tis... From their workshop in gorgeous mid Wales they handmake skincare products using only natural - and mostly organic - ingredients. They are committed to using sustainable, plastic-free packaging and also only choose to use ingredients from reputable and ethical suppliers.