Shimmering, sparkling or smoky eyes - or why not have all of them in the one unique palette, chosen by you?

Now you can create what ever look you want by choosing your own favourite shades from our choice of handy Zao refill eyeshadows.


The rectangular refill eyeshadows are sold to go with the Zao refillable bamboo makeup case.


By filling the portable case with eyeshadows of your choice, you'll be able to touch up your make-up on the go - and there's no plastic involved whatsoever!

And when your favourite shade runs out - simple. You can replace just that one shade, without having to splash out on a whole new set. No plastic. No waste.



Eyeshadow shades:


Pink Champagne Light and slightly shimmering, use this shade as a base and it helps to open up and enlarge the eyes. Or use in the corner of the eye to add definition and illumination.


Pearly Khaki Grey is a slate grey with a hint of green. Iridescent, it is perfect for adding a slight shimmer to your look.


Pearly Tiramisu can be used to create a dramatic smoky eyes look, or used in the outer corner of the eye for definition.


Ultra Shiny Purple Rain is ideal for the purple-hued smoky eyes look. It can also be used in the outer corner of the eye to make an impact. 


Ultra Shiny Bronzed Brown is bright, warm and seductive, adding depth to your eye makeup on all occasions. 


Ultra Shiny Golden Orange warms up fair skin and also helps lift and brighten a dull complexion.


Ultra Shiny Night Blue is perfect for a intense look with a touch of deep blue drama.


Ultra Shiny Anthracite Grey features hints of green for a sophisticated and intense look or used at the outer corner of eyes to add depth with a shimmer.


Ultra Shiny Diamond Grey reflects light intensely to brighten your look with a silver sparkle.


New shade Matt Army Green is a brand new bottle green shade that's bang on trend and especially compliments brown eyes.


New shade Peach Pink A beautiful iridescent blend of light and fresh pink with warm tones of peach brings the glow of summer to your look.


New shade Goldy An iridescent golden sand shade that adds warmth and illumination with a slight sparkle.



Please note: the Ultra Shiny Green Abyss shade has been discontinued by Zao. Instead, why not try the new Matt Army Green shade - see above.



The way the bamboo reusable palette works...

The bamboo case has a magnetic lid for secure closure and features a mirror inside the top lid so you can retouch your make-up on the move. However, the best bit about this case is the magnetic base which enables you to store Zao eyeshadow refills securely, as they have a metallic, magnetic base too.

It is an eco-friendly solution which saves on packaging and also saves you £s in the long run as it can be refilled and used again and again.


You can find the bamboo palette listed on the Makeup page

Watch the video (above) to see how it works.

Eyeshadow rectangular refills

  • By Zao Essense of Nature

    Each powder: 1.3g packaged in biodegradeble cardboard


    Why we love Zao: All their products are cruelty-free, have never been tested on animals and are suitable for vegans. They are made from 100% natural ingredients and also do not contain any parabens (synthetic preservatives).