The Rose Geranium Facial Clay Cleanser combines the benefits of a clay face mask with a gentle every-day cleanser. Perfect for everyday pampering of your skin.


The Rose Geranium Clay Facial Cleanser is very effective at cleansing deeply but is also gentle enough to use every day.

Its blend of organic ingredients including kaolin clay and organic sunflower seed oil give plenty of natural cleaning power. While the addition of rose geranium essential oil adds a subtle floral fragrance, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and beautifully soft.


Ideal for normal skin, this clay cleanser has astringent properties which help to balance and tone the skin while cleaning.


For best results and the perfect pampering experience, wash the Clay Cleanser off with a hot cloth.



Makers Heavenly Organics use only natural ingredients in their products and have harnessed their natural cleansing powers:


Kaolin clay is a mineral rich, light clay which has an extremely soft texture.  Originally from the hills in the Gaoling region of China, Kaolin has a neutral Ph and so does not dry skin out.  It also has the ability to gently extract impurities, which makes it ideal for tackling spots and acne and also removing excess oil from the skin. Not only does this soft clay cleanse the skin without irritation, it also soothes inflammation.


The organic, cold pressed sunflower seed oil used in this clay cleanser is non-comedogenic and so does not clog the pores. Anti-oxidant and Vitamin A-rich sunflower seed oil also helps promote skin cell regeneration. And its natural anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for soothing skin inflammation.


Rose Geranium Essential Oil  is a balancing oil so can help with uneven skin tone.  It's natural anti-inflammatory qualities also help soothe and treat conditions such as acne, blemishes and spots, as well as rosacea. And the subtle fragrance of Rose Geranium can help to lift your mood and banish the blues.



Rose Geranium Clay Facial Cleanser: For Normal Skin

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  • By Heavenly Organics

    Packaged in 110g reusable/recyclable tin


    Why we love Heavenly Organics: All their products are plastic-free, and made of organic, natural ingredients. They are also vegan and don't contain any palm oil.