This beard oil, from Bain & Savon, works its magic by nourishing the facial hair while promoting healthy skin beneath. And the blend of natural oils, including rose hip, coconut and pomegranate, gives a subtle and sensual fragrance.


To keep your beard in tip top condition apply the oil straight after a good shower or washing your face. At this time your hair and skin have already soaked up moisture from the water and so, due to the heat, your pores and hair follicles will be open. This makes it easier for both skin and beard alike to absorb the oil and reap the soothing benefits.


Beard and Face Oil

  • By Bain & Savon

    75ml glass bottle with a metal lid.


    Why we love Bain and Savon: Their products are packaged in fully recyclable packaging, with no plastic. They are cruelty-free and don't contain any parabens, SLS or palm oil. 


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