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This handy Ring-Shaped Scrubbing Brush is incredibly useful in the kitchen and around the home. Its medium bristles means it can be used for cleaning up many things, from vegetables to crockery. And it's made of 100% sustainable, biodegradable materials, which helps you reduce your plastic waste too!


Beautifully and simply designed - every home should have one! The brush's smooth and sturdy bamboo, ring-shaped handle means it's easy to hold. Meanwhile, its bristles are made of natural sisal fibres. It is made entirely of eco-friendly natural materials that biodegrade, unlike the plastic equivalents that sit in landfill for 100s of years.





Bamboo Ring Scrubbing Brush with Natural Sisal Bristles

SKU: GDot-RingBrush
  • By The Good Dot

    Dimensions: W 7cm at widest point, H 10cm including bristles


    Why we love The Good Dot... This eco-friendly company is on a mission to make it easy for all us shoppers to buy plastic-free everyday essential items. Their products are practical yet effective. And everything they do has the planet in mind; all their packaging is plastic-free, they do not use any packaging unless they have to and imports (including this cleaning brush) are shipped by train and boat to cut down on CO2 emissions.

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